Leiden University is keen to attract broad public interest in academic research, teaching and university heritage and has created the new crowdfunding website www.steunleiden.nlto highlight specific projects.

Leiden University gathers finances in the form of crowdfunding via the website. Crowdfunding is a relatively new way of attracting funding for very diverse purposes. It is also a good way of involving a varied group of people in our projects, including scientists, students, alumni and the general public.

Leiden’s first crowdfunding action, ‘Save the Sweat Room’ (where students place their signature after graduating), was an enormous success and even made it to the national media. The restoration of the Sweat Room means that the signatures of Leiden alumni will be preserved for the future.  

Academic research, teaching and university heritage

The Development & Alumni Relations department uses the crowdfunding website for the whole organisation: by highlighting particular projects in the area of teaching, research and university heritage and bringing these to the attention of interested parties, we would like to invite and encourage people to make a donation.

As the university can only finance a small proportion of these projects itself – no matter how promising they are – our aim is to create public awareness among a broader group of people on Leiden’s research, teaching and university heritage. By donating via yóu can make these projects possible.

More information and contact

Annette Mullink, tel: +31 (0)71-527 3321, e-mail:

Last Modified: 15-04-2015